Welcome to Indivisible Yampa Valley

Get involved today.  We are organizing citizens in the Yampa Valley to resist the Trump agenda.

about indivisible yampa valley

we are citizens of the yampa valley (and beyond) that believe we can make Congress listen and uphold the democratic values that are the foundation of our country. Our approach is based on the elements outlined in the Indivisible Guide.

be practical

We  employ a local strategy that targets our individual Members of Congress. They are the one's we must pressure to vote based on the wishes of their constituents.  That's us.

be inclusive

At a time when our country is divided, it is our responsibility to be inclusive, and instill the values that represent every citizen, regardless of color, social standing, or economic position.

be persistent

Our elected representatives want to be re-elected.  They listen to what constituents say and do. They read the papers, and they hold meetings to get the pulse of their districts and state. By being diligent and continuing to speak about and act on what is important to us, we will make a difference.

be consistent

We must stand indivisible against the Trump agenda through a structured, meaningful, strategic, and consistent message that continuously reminds our elected officials that we demand they pay attention to our concerns. They are elected to honestly vote and accurately represent us.  Our strategy is primarily focuses on a national agenda.  We also believe these principles apply equally through the state, regional, and local level as well.

be civil

Our resistance to the Trump agenda is built on the values of inclusion, tolerance, and fairness.

be focused

Our representatives are busy. We must focus on the current bill in front of them, and focus our efforts there. This will change weekly, and our focus will change as often.  We must be agile, focused, and rely on our group to maintain our energy for the next four years.

Our approach

We are a non-partisan local group that is part of a national movement. We are building a grassroots resistance that organizes locally to target our elected members of Congress.  We can successfully get Congress to listen to a small, vocal, dedicated group of constituents to successfully resist the Trump Agenda.  Indivisible Yampa Valley is the local group of a national network.

be civil, be inclusive, be focused, and be persistent

Five local advocacy tactics that actually work.

We must insure our elected representatives (two Senators and one Congressman) represent us in Washington.  Our job is to make sure they are speaking for us. Here are four areas (as outlined in the Indivisible Guide) that a small group of local constituents can use with great success:
1. Town Hall Meetings - In-district events hosted by our elected representatives. Make them listen and report when they don't.
2. Non-town hall events - These are local events our elected officials use as photo-ops.  Ask questions about corruption, health care, conflicts of interest, and insist on answers in the public forum.
3. District office sit-ins/meetings - Go to their district offices and demand a meeting with your representative. Report to the world if they refuse to listen.
4. Coordinated calls - This is a straightforward approach that can have an impact. Our local group will organize and barrage our elected officials at the opportune moment about specific issues.
5. Letters to the Editor - We need to communicate locally.  Local papers, and the letters to the editor, are a great way to do this.  Our Members of Congress track these letters.  We are having a local, regional, and national impact using this proven method.  Start writing and submitting what is important to you.

commit to make a difference

How you can help today.  And everyday.

There is much to be done today and in the next four years to resist the Trump agenda.  We believe that the next four years depend on citizens across the country standing indivisible against the Trump agenda. Here are a few ways to make a difference today.

Action Items

We are doing organized weekly action items. We make this efficient and organized for you. This is a simple way to have a large impact. Action items are based on current issues and voting. We coordinate with national organizations to provide phone numbers and talking points for federal items to have the most impact.

Outreach & Recruiting

With the work to be done, we need dedicated individuals willing to work-even one or two hours a month will make a difference.  The more people, the more we can accomplish. The more people know about us, the more energy, enthusiasm, and work can be accomplished.  Outreach is key to our success.

Research & Logistics

We need to be educated - and updated consistently - on the congressmen and senators elected to represent us.  We need to know priorities, when to act, and what to say.

our action items remind  
Members of Congress
we are watching